Saturday, February 27, 2010

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This is how I managed to seduce my maid.I think this is a safe way to initiate the seduction. I say safe because it can be covered up and aborted if the maid is not cooperative. You don't want the maid to shout "rape" when you try to get her into bed.I have heard it many times how guys make a rash attempt to get cosy with the maid and then end up with lost reputation or end up as victims of blackmail.

I'll narrate my story and give some pointers along the way. I've had luck with other women before this happened but I always fascinated about seducing a maid. It was more of a desire to fulfill a wish to have this experience rather than fulfilling my sexual craving. I've had a number of maids working at my house over the years.

I had this thought in my head about seducing a maid for a long time. Initially I hesitated because of fear of things going wrong. Finally after a long wait I decided to take some action. So far I have bedded 3 maids using these tricks.So even though I started this just to satisfy my curiosity I have gotten addicted to the chase and score game.

My current maid's name is Malti.She is in her late 30's.She started work at my place about 7 months back. The first day she worked I immediately recognised that this maid will land on my bed for sure. So here is my first tip-how to decide which maid to attempt to seduce. I personally feel we should not attempt any of our stunts on maids who are below 20.

Still better to totally avoid any maid that is not married. In my opinion it is best to attempt to seduce a maid who is married.More her age the better. This is simply because as we all know, after some years everybody's married life and sex life becomes dull. So this is the best chance for you to take advantage of this fact.

She will be bored with her married life and ready to experiment a bit.So take advantage of this. First month Malti worked I did not attempt anything.It is best to be patient and study the behaviour of the maid.If she seems friendly your task will be easier. Start by being nice to her.Most indian families treat maids like dirt.Stop ordering her around and be nice to her.

Be polite yet firm. Next step I tried was to get to know her on a personal level.So every now and then I would ask her about her family, her kids, her husband.This opened her up a bit. She seemed more comfortable around me after that. Then give her some goodies if possible.Some new clothes, sweets for kids will earn you some brownie points.

This game is same like how you would dine and wine your normal girlfriend before getting her into the bed. So be generous a bit. The key again is to be patient and take your time. Rushing into things will put her on the defensive and make things difficult for you. Around the end of the second month I tried the next step.Here I started to make light and random physical contacts.

Just a friendly pat on the shoulders when I was asking her to do this.Or a pat when she was leaving. My advise is to do this quickly,Dont linger else she will sense your intentions and get defensive. Doing this for a few weeks will now get her even more friendly. Slowly and gradually make the touches more frequent and longer.

If all is well she will start sensing your intentions and responding accordingly. By end of month three Malti was acting very friendly to me.She was inquiring about my personal life like she was a normal friend.So then I proceeded to my next step.I changed her timing so that it would coincide wit the time of my shower.

After coming out of the shower I started wearing a towel without any underwear.Then I would sit on the chair or couch and read the newspaper.My legs would be spread giving a glimpse of my cock but I would appear to be totally engrossed in the paper.So when Malti was sweeping the floor or washing it bent down I knew she would get a peek of my dick.

It is very important to make everything appear natural and unintentional. This was you can gauge her reaction to this without any trouble. If she makes some noise simply apologise saying you didnt know this was happening. More likely than not, if you have done the previous steps properly then be assured that by now she wont mind you exhibiting your cock a bit.

She will know your intentions now and act coy or shy. Keep up the work. The next step is to take this game to its conclusion.So here you have to make it very very obvious to her what is on your mind. The previous maid I had done by keeping some pics from debonairblog open.

For Malti I tried it a bit differently.One day while I was on the couch and she was sweeping the floor next to me I tried to get up very fast and "accidently" dropped my towel.I remained motionless long enough for her to lift her eyes and notice me. Then I acted as if it was really accidental and started apologising profusely to her.

She acted as if she felt bad but there was a smile on her face. So by this I knew I had succeeded. My tip is to study her reaction to this and then decide on the next step.If she is really angry then abort mission. So Malti responded positively to this.Then I appeared to be really sorry and went close to her and held her by her arms and said "I am really sorry".

By now she was blushing.Then I said "Please dont tell anyone".She shook her head and said she wont tell.Then I smiled and said thank you and hugged her. And as I expected she hugged me back. This hug is the final step.I continued hugging her for a while and she seemed to like it. I took her head in my hand and kissed her.From then it was easy to do the rest.

I took her by her arm and made her sit on the couch.After a lot of kissing I started to fondle her breasts. Slowly my hands were under her blouse squeezing her big boobs.I undressed her, rushed into get a condom from my cupboard,came back and fucked her on the couch. Again as expected she was very sexually frustrated and enjoyed the fucking as much as I did.

I continue to fuck her till date.Its a win win situation. Again my advice to you guys is to be patient and not to act in haste. The fruit is sweeter after the wait.But be sensible and use a condom.Avoid oral sex without a condom too. If any more of your guys find some success with this method then do post your experiences here on debonairblog for the rest of the guys to enjoy.


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