Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best position for woman

Wanting to please a woman sexually by helping her reach an orgasm is an art most men would truly love to master. The first step to this sexual journey is the willingness to learn and enjoy the moment, no matter how the journey ends.

An important aspect of lovemaking is that your partner must feel that she is the center of the universe. Everything that is happening is being done only to please her and nobody else.

Communication is extremely important during sex. A man who knows and understands his partner’s wants and needs through verbal and body language will no doubt be better equipped to help her reach unforgettable orgasms.

There are a number of sex positions that will let her feel that she is the center of the universe, as well as making her feel that she is in control, thus creating the best climate to achieve an orgasm;

Missionary Position (Man on top):

It may surprise many, but this is the position that is favored by most women. This is because visual, auditory and sensory communication can take place easily (which is extremely important for most women), allowing them to feel that they are being made love to.

Inverted Missionary Position (Woman on top):

In this position, the male partner lies on his back and his partner lies on top, facing him. She has total control over how far she is willing to be penetrated, and the rate of the thrust. Your partner can also decide if she would like to reach an orgasm by stimulating her clitoris or G-spot.

It is important to understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to sexual tastes. Online sex guides are a great way to help you learn and understand the different ways of pleasing a woman sexually.

Though there are many online sex guide programs available, only a few really take the time to explain the art of making love in great depth.

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